Look over my shoulder as I show you exactly how to start collecting instant $1,000 commissions using a simple strategy that I've dubbed as being The Six Figure Napkin.

For the first time ever, you'll get a
behind-the-scenes look at how 6 and
7-figure earners quietly crank out big ticket commissions, year, after year, after year.

As of right now, your struggle is finally over.

Hey it's Tim...

Founder & CEO of Six Figure Napkin.

Let me ask you a quick question...

What's the (1) thing that folks like yourself are desperately seeking more of, but don't want to work any harder than they already are to get it?

Answer: A bullet-proof strategy to making more money so they can spend more time with their family and friends.

The Pain, Struggle
And Frustration Was Real...

I have failed miserably at a variety of "money making" programs and systems over the years.

It was so bad, that I once joined Herbalife as a 6'1 / 195 pound guy who wore a "Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How" button around his local mall, trying to "meet and greet" with strangers.

I had no clue what I was doing. All I knew was that I wanted to make money. Lots and lots of money.

With money, I could have my freedom. And with freedom, came the ability to make my own choices.

But I didn't have a strategy on how to get the money. I was wandering around, literally, aimless and clueless.

Einstein once so eloquently put the definition of insanity as being...

"Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Needless to say, I had to change tactics and fast. MLM wasn't cutting it for me. I had to find a better vehicle, with a better 'mouse trap', aka, (SYSTEM) that actually worked and made money.

Enter Big Ticket.

My world changed forever when I responded to an ad out of USA Today back in August 2005 that said...

$1,000 A Day
Simply By Returning
Phone Calls

Little did I know then that by making that one phone call, I'd be making a major lifestyle decision.

You see, back then, I was working at Ruby Tuesdays for $8.50 an hour. The program I was about to join cost me $500 (PLUS) a $149 admin payment, for a total of $649 that I couldn't afford to lose. But I joined anyway.

I had no choice. It was either "risk it all" or stay stuck in a restaurant kitchen for the rest of my life.

From $0 to $29,000 A Month

That one program took me from being a restaurant employee to a 5-figure monthly earner, inside of 3 months.

And it wasn't by chance or luck either. It had everything to do with having a specific strategy.

The Number #1 Reason Why
Most People Never See $10,000
Much Less $100,000?

Two words... Mass Confusion.

You and I have access to more information than we can handle in a dozen lifetimes. More information is (NOT) the solution.

You need a simplified process that circumvents a massive learning curve that could span years and cost you thousands of dollars and just cuts through to what you want more of... RESULTS... TRANSFORMATION... CHANGE.



Look over my shoulder as I show you
exactly how to start @ $0 and go to
$15,000 - $20,000 a month.

Follow along as we crack the hardest challenges for folks:

"Where do I even start"?

You never start / join a new biz opp without first knowing exactly how the system will pay off for you. Six Figure Napkin is the perfect breeding ground from which you'll know how to go from $0 to $5-figures monthly.

"Where do I find good leads, that won't cost me an 'arm and a leg"?

Getting leads is easy. We'll show you (3) proven methods of getting leads that will fit any budget.

"What about my schedule. I have work, family, pets, bowling on Tuesdays, etc"?

Not too worry. This is exactly why we leverage a variety of tools, systems and automations to work for us, not against us.

"But I don't like to sell. And I hate techy stuff. Is this even worth my time to learn more"?

Absolutely! Personally, I hate selling too. It's awkward and just not my 'cup of tea'. Oh and tech stuff? Me too... hate it with a passion.

"Is this gonna cost me a lot of money. I don't have a lot to spend, or lose for that matter".

I hear ya on that one. I was the same way. If you recall, I was making $8.50 an hour when I got started but by coming across a strategy that worked, I was able to go from $0 to Hero in only 3 months time.

And those are just a few of the highlights.

Inside the Six Figure Napkin are (3) core modules that address all of the above and a lot more.

Total time spent, going over everything, will be about 1 hour, if that. We've also got a cool 1 page PDF to give you, that will highlight the exact path you'll be on, from start to finish.

Lets check out the modules.


Strategy Over-view: How To Go From $0 to Endless Commissions Using A Phoneless Sales System


Back End Income Streams Why Every Direct Response Marketer Who's Ever Tasted Success Will Tell You The Money Is In The Back End


Putting It All Together How To Finally Have A System That Works, Actually Makes You Money And Sets You Up For Success Like A Boss

Figuring out how this stuff works, on your own, will be a nightmare, of epic proportions. (Think Chucky + Freddy + Jason... all coming at you, at the same time).

That's THE Internet when you're new and just starting out. It's scary and intimidating.

Which is exactly why you'll want to snag a ticket to the Six Figure Napkin right now so you won't be scared or intimidated anymore. In fact, you'll become damn near 10 foot tall and bullet-proof, as a direct result of having a strategy that actually works.

Here's What You'll Want
To Do Right Now...

Take out your wallet and drop $20 for the Six Figure Napkin. Inside the Six Figure Napkin, you're going to get a 1 page PDF as well as 3 (approximate 10 minute) videos that outline a specific strategy that can have you seeing results in a matter of days, not weeks.

Read the document.

Watch the videos.

Follow the strategy.

And soon you will be on the path to more achievement, freedom and confidence than you ever thought possible.

Next Step: How To Get Access To
The Six Figure Napkin?

This strategy is worth millions.

If you know how to implement it.

It's the strategy successful marketers have used for years.

I rely on it too.

And for just a small fee of $20...

You can deploy this strategy too.

It's 1 page.

And 3 videos.

All for less than the cost of breakfast for 2 @ iHop.

Tim Berger


For the people who just skip to the end of the sales page (don’t worry, I do it sometimes too), here's the deal..

In short, I’ve put together a 1-page PDF & three (10) minute videos that outline exactly how you can start collecting $1,000 commissions instantly, without having to set up a website, write a single word of ad copy or chase down friends or family.

It's only $20.

And it's a no-brainer.

Here's what you will know after you read the 1-page PDF & watch 3 videos in less than 60 minutes.

1) The "Big Ticket" funnel strategy that's covertly responsible for dozens upon dozens of $1,000 commissions.

2) How to leverage this sales process so that $1,000 commissions flow to you, instantly and automatically.

All I ask for up-front is a small fee of $20, and I'll send you your Napkin Strategy PDF + Videos.